It’s officially 2016, and thank goodness because 2015, while full of some wonderful things (birth of the ladybug, seeing bug turn into a real person, and finally getting an answer for why I’ve always had these intrusive thoughts…) it’s also been a pretty rough half year or so (Transient Ischemic Attack–basically a mini stroke–and all the follow ups that entailed, running–completely terrified–into inpatient hospitalization, and having to be away from my family for almost two months while I got better were rough)

That said, I’m hopeful for 2016. Here are some resolutions–no–commitments I would like to make to myself for this year:

1.) continue openly and honestly sharing my triumphs and struggles here and with those I love

2.) start sharing things about the rest of my life… While this blog was started for me to have a place to talk about my OCD, OCD is not all I am and I have more to share with the world. I’m hardly an expert on anything, but I know I can add to the conversation on other topics as well. (Parenting, Milwaukee, Catholicism, organization/house stuff…)

3.) Continue working on exposures and working on my banned behaviors. Put in the work towards getting better so that my kids have the best version of me possible, because I’m a pretty awesome mom when I’m my best self.

4.) Branch out in my cooking. I’ve decided to try one new recipe or meal a week. I’m calling it my #foodie52. I’ll try to remember to share that here as well. 

5.) Spend more time with other adults, including my husband. We finally found a sitter we really love, and for Christmas we decided to skip gifts and put the money we would’ve spent aside for our date night fund. I can’t wait.

What commitments are the rest of you making to yourself in 2016? Would you like a buddy to help hold you accountable? Let me know…


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