Intrusive Thoughts: Horror Movies in my Mind


I feel like I could have written so much of this. Postpartum intrusive thoughts are the worst.

The Butterfly Mother

movie reel 2

My experience of postnatal depression was largely rooted in intense anxiety.  This is the second of three posts about the worst of my anxiety-induced symptoms (insomnia, intrusive thoughts and derealisation/depersonalisation) and how I managed or overcame each of them.  

*Please note this post contains reference to disturbing intrusive thoughts that may be triggering for some, please proceed with caution* 
This is the hardest post I’ve written so far. Generally, I’ve found writing this blog to be very therapeutic. I’ve found it quite easy to be honest about the symptoms and thoughts I’ve struggled with, some would maybe say too honest! But this is more difficult; this is about awful, frightening, unwanted thoughts that plagued my mind for many months. Violent images would assault my brain at regular intervals and leave me questioning who I am.  
But I feel I must speak out about this. It’s a symptom of anxiety that…

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