A new forum…


So, today, I found out that I was chosen to be a contributor for the MKE Moms Blog. This, for me, is amazing because the current contributors are people I consider to be great writers and amazing women, and I’m humbled to have been chosen.

This also means that I need to write a biography blurb…

I never know exactly what to say about myself when asked. I fear I’m constantly over- or under- selling myself and am either far too brief or entirely too loquacious. (Or both, if that’s possible…)

Thankfully, I’ve been given some parameters. The blurb should be about 100 words in length, so that helps.

But what do I say?

What would YOU say if you only had 100 words to describe yourself?

What question would you want answered about someone if you were trying to get a sense of them?

Help me out here, dear friends… I’m overthinking this.



…I’m also failing miserably on my perfectionism ban here, as I’m not supposed to revise things over and over again. Sigh.





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