Hi there, my name is Kate.

I’m a thirty-something mom of three and I have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

I initially started this blog as a cathartic release while I was undergoing treatment for my OCD away from home, but as I started getting more immersed in the online OCD and mental illness community, I was stunned by the sheer number of people who told me they thought their illness would make them a bad parent or stated their illness had scared them out of ever wanting to have children.

I believe having children is an incredibly personal and important decision, and I don’t want people to base that decision on fear. I know that there are phenomenal parents out there with OCD, and I know that because I am one of them. 

I want to share my life–the disorder and the chaos but also the joy and the beauty. I have a disorder, but I also have many gifts, and I plan on using them to give my children the best life possible.

Thank you so much for coming.


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