You are a good mom.

Someone said these words to me today, and I really needed to hear them. I’m thinking that maybe some of the rest of you do too.

No matter what happened today, you are a good mom*.

If you cried, I’m sure it’s because you care so damn much.

If you got frustrated and yelled, I bet you apologized to your child(ren) and by doing so, showed them how to make amends.

If your house is a mess, I’m sure it’s because your children needed you to do something that prevented you from cleaning.

If your house is spotless, I’m sure you managed to do that without ignoring your children.

If you took a minute (or an hour) to be by yourself, I’m positive it’s because you realize the best way for you to be the best mother you can be is to take care of yourself.

If you didn’t take a minute to be by yourself, it’s because you are selfless and are putting the needs of everyone else before yourself. You’re amazing–(but try to take care of yourself too!)

If your child threw a tantrum today, it’s not because of anything you did–not really.

If you wanted to throw a tantrum right along with them, I understand.

I still believe you are a good mom.

I’m willing to bet that you told your kids you loved them today.

I’m even more willing to bet that you showed them you loved them today.

You may not have done this in some jaw-dropping, earth-shattering way.

Maybe you showed them you loved them by patiently explaining how something is done for the 4,537th time.

Maybe you showed them you loved them by picking up after them.

Maybe you made someone’s favorite meal.

Maybe you showed someone grace by forgiving them when they weren’t their best self.

Maybe you helped (or tried to help) with homework.

Maybe you went back into their room for one more drink of water, one more hug, one more tuck in, one more “I love you” at bedtime.

I don’t know what you did today, but I am willing to bet everything I own that you did something.

You did something and your children are all the better for it.

Your family is stronger for it.

YOU did something. Take a minute to write down or say some of those things you did, then meditate on the following words:

I am a GREAT mom.





*unless you neglected or abused your child today, but for all of the rest of you moms, you were awesome today. Own it.


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