Date nights…


I realized something kind of sad when I was hospitalized–visiting hours were kind of nice because that was the most amount of time I had spent talking to my husband since my first was born. 

That’s right, it took hospitalization for me to have quality time with my husband.

So, in lieu of Christmas presents to each other this past year, we decided to take the money we would have spent and put it aside for date nights.

Tonight was our first and it was wonderful. We went to a pizza place we loved in our pre-kid days, and planned to go to an improv comedy show, but once we got there decided we’d rather just go to a bar and talk. 

I had three hours of conversation with my husband and it was glorious. I love my kids, I was glad to come home to them, but wow, it was great to be away from them for that little bit.

I can’t wait for my next date night.


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