Valentine’s Day…


It’s amazing the way love shifts once you have kids. 

My husband and I didn’t do anything special for today and I kind of love that. 

I’m not criticizing those who choose to make the day special, but I love how comfortable and content we are in our current phase of life. 

I love the way my husband shows his love in small, everyday ways. I love the way he can focus on our children and make them smile. I love the way he supports me. I love the way he can look at me when I’m completely exhausted and covered in snot/spit up/crumbs and see the girl he fell in love with a decade ago. 

I love the way he makes me feel beautiful.

I love the way he shows our children how to love by loving me. (And them)

If you would have told me before our children were born that I would grow this much in love, I don’t know that I would’ve believed you…

I am so blessed.


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