Thankful Thursday…


So, I belong to this wonderful group on facebook that started as a local buy/sell/trade group, but it really has morphed into a supportive, giving, all around wonderful community.

The only thing I don’t love about the group is this tradition called “Vent Friday.”

I understand the need for venting, I do. The cathartic release is sometimes necessary in order to maintain one’s sanity, but I don’t like putting my gripes out there for mass consumption. To people I love and trust, sure, but out there in a fairly public forum? Something about it just makes me uncomfortable.

Today, I decided to start another tradition to counter it. I’m calling it “Thankful Thursday.”

So far, over 50 people have commented on the thread, sharing things from the simple and mundane (yay! It’s going to be warm tomorrow!) to some really big deals (my spouse is finally employed!) and just reading it has given me so much joy and hope for our world.

I’d like the movement to continue. I want to hear all about the wonderful things that are happening in the world today, even if they’re on a very small scale.

So, what do YOU have to be Thankful for today?


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