Impostor Syndrome…


I apologize for not having written in awhile, I’ve been struggling with the feeling that I’m not really a blogger and I don’t really have anything worthwhile to say.

The rational part of me knows this isn’t true. I mean, I don’t need to have anything earth-shattering to say, this blog is my truth, (or in some cases, half-truth, as I’m not quite 100% comfortable sharing those dark corners of my life) and obviously, I must have something worthwhile to say if I’ve been chosen as a contributor for MKE Moms Blog, but still, impostor syndrome is hitting me a little hard these days.

Last night, the blog hosted our first get-together, a photo shoot (eek!) and bierklasse and it was great to get to meet all of the other moms. It got uncomfortable, however, when the little voice of self-doubt started chirping in my head.

“these women are all so amazing. You’re not really one of them.”

“they have such better things to say than you do.”

“they chose you on the one really good post you’ve had but you can’t keep up that quality with every post.”

“you’re not good enough.”

“you’re an impostor.”

I’m told that everyone has these kinds of feelings from time to time, but OCD makes it more frightening. OCD plays that track on a loop and if you’re not on guard, will convince you that it’s true.

It’s not true.

My voice matters, and so does yours.

So, to try and get OCD to pipe the heck down, I’m going to post this. Unedited, quickly written, and possibly boring to everyone who isn’t me, but at least I’m not letting OCD rob me of my voice today.


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